Our Process

When it comes to your home, you want to know you'll be listened to and that

everything will be done the right way.

How we work

0.1 We'll Listen to You

Before we do anything, we like to know what you really want and it's intended use. This helps us design better and with your needs in mind.

0.2 The Survey

Once you're happy to move forward, we'll carry out a laser measurement survey of you home, and take any other details we need.

0.3 Your Plans

By now, we'll be ready to start your plans. As we draw these up we'll check in with you at important moments to see that things are on track.


0.4 Submission

Once the plans are done and you're happy to proceed, we'll fill in all the paperwork and submit your plans to the council.

0.5 Your Agent

As the plans go through the planning process, we'll act as your agent dealing with any issues the council have. 

0.6 Informed

At each stage in the process, we'll keep in touch with you to make sure you're fully informed.



While we can design any extension you like, in whatever style takes your fancy - we've included some bespoke designs below for you to look at. . . Just click to enlarge.

The Modern

A contemporary design combining white rendering and timber panelling to give a very modern feel to your new extension

The English Cottage

Not everyone likes modern designs, so how about an the look of a French cottage, complete with shutters and French doors.

The Georgian

Give your home a classic feel, with Georgian tailoring to your extension.

The White Box

Another contemporary design to raise your new extension beyond the boring and humdrum. Leave that to the friends you don't like much!

The Timber Box

A sleek modern design with the tactile look and feel of natural timber.

The Art Deco

A classic 1920s design with a sophisticated air just waiting for cocktail hour to turn up.