Planning Advice for Homeowners

0.1 Planning

The Planning Department considers the size, design, and position of your project. Normally, it takes around 8 weeks for approval to be given from the time they begin to formally process your application. Planning permission is valid for three years.


Some extensions benefit from Permitted Development Rules (PD Rules) - generally, if you have no existing extensions and your proposal comes out no more than 3m to the rear you can avoid the normal planning submission process.


In this circumstance, we always advise our clients to go for a Lawful Development Certificate to show that your extension complies with all the PD Rules. You can put this with the deeds of your house in case you ever want to sell . . . it makes the whole process easier!


The Government's Planning Portal website contains extensive guidance and is well worth looking at before you proceed with your plans.

The quality of your plans makes so much differences to your chances of success!

We make sure our plans are the neatest and most accurate around

0.2 Building Control

The Building Control Department examines how your extension will be built and checks that everything meets the current edition of the Building Regulations.


My background is in Building Surveying and this ensures everything is done to the book. We'll take care of everything from the foundation to the roof and ensure that the highest design standards our met.


Building Control permission takes 7 - 8 weeks to come through and is good for three years.


Once you're got both sets of permissions - you're good to start building!